Carrot Cupcakes

This is a bake of mine that I did about 6 weeks ago now, for a friend of mine I play netball with. She needed some cupcakes to take to a work party and said she knew exactly who to turn to. How flattering!


I spotted these carrot decorations in Sainsbury’s a few months ago on offer for a £1 so I picked them up, knowing I’d definitely use them at some point and here the opportunity came!

Click here to see how it went, comments are appreciated as always.

Jen x


Exciting News!

So remember back in July when I made my hamburger cupcakes? You might have missed the update to that post where I entered them into a competition run by National Cupcake Week (which starts today, 16th-22nd September!) You can see the original post HERE.


I absolutely did not expect to hear anything from them at all and then I start my working day this morning and an email pops itself into my inbox. I have been shortlisted as a finalist!!! I have to go to the Birmingham NEC Arena on 9th November to present my cupcakes and none other than my baking hero, the great Mary Berry will be there to taste and judge the cakes!! I feel like I need to write this whole post in capitals with an endless amount of exclamation points just to convey my excitement at this news.

photo (2)

Of course I will keep you updated with progress and yes my friends and family can all look forward to eating lots of these as I try to get them perfect for Mary!

Jen x

PS – if you want to see a list of the other finalists you can go to the National Cupcake Week webpage. Mine are listed under themed cupcakes and I think there will only be one winner from all 4 categories. Wish me luck!