Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

So this is another old bake of mine, I did it about two months ago now. These are the raspberries I got when I went to a pick your own farm and I froze them because I didn’t know what to bake with them, although I had lots and lots of ideas. I eventually decided on this recipe, purely because I love white chocolate and raspberries as a flavour combination.

Click here to see how it went, comments are appreciated as always.

Jen x


Gianduja Cupcakes

I bought this book from Amazon a little while ago and it absolutely had me desperate to bake with the delicious recipes in there. I’d never heard of Peggy Porschen before and boy, have I missed out! There are 25 recipes and I cannot wait to try out all of them. Sticky Toffee, Pecan Pie, Sugar Plum, Mulled Wine and Salted Caramel have all caught my eye.


I chose to make the ones titled Gianduja – partly because I thought the name was interesting and partly because I haven’t had Nutella in a long time and these cupcakes gave me a ready made excuse to buy some!

Click here to see how it went, comments are appreciated as they always are.

Jen x