Orange and Sultana Fairy Cakes

My Dad has really caught onto my fondness for baking to the point where every time I visit home now, I take my baking equipment and (some) ingredients and bake something for him. Sometimes he’ll specifically request something, other times he will let me choose. This little recipe is something he asked for me to make so here it is.


I didn’t make this recipe from any book that I have, so I was a little bit nervous that they wouldn’t rise properly or taste amazing but I didn’t have any complaints from Dad!

Click here to see how it went, comments are appreciated as they always are.

Jen x


Cake International

As those who know me will be well aware, the final of the National Cupcake Championships happened this weekend at the NEC Arena in Birmingham. There were tons of big people in the baking world there, including my baking heroine and the woman who started it all, Mary Berry. Unfortunately I didn’t win the Cupcake Champion 2013 title but I had an absolutely fabulous day. I met my heroine, I spent lots of money on baking goodies (that couldn’t be helped!) and I got to catch up with an old uni friend.


Click here to see a round up of some of the amazing cakes on offer and the entries that beat mine (I was robbed!)

Jen x

PS – to see the official list of winners and news announcement, you can go HERE.

Homemade Mincemeat

So Christmas is just around the corner as we all know (only 49 sleeps to go!) and I thought I’d make my own mincemeat to get into the festive spirit!

photo (7)

Click here to see how it went and how to make your own.

Jen x

PS – watch out for the follow up mince pie post I’ll be making in December!