Cake International

Cake International was an incredible experience, so much to see, do and to buy of course! I had a list of things that I knew I wanted to buy, which I did get – autumn food colourings, small piping nozzles, leaf shaped plunger cutters, icing sugar shaker and autumn colour edible dust. But as you can see from the picture below, I also managed to pick up some things not on my list – marshmallow flavoured royal icing, a silicone macaroon mat, musical shaped cookie cutters and a Paul Hollywood/James Martin recipe book (2 for £10 or just 1 for £9.99, I’m not an idiot!)


There were more competitions going on than the Cupcake Championships and there was a massive wedding cake competition. Some of the entries were absolutely incredible, something I wonder how people actually cannot afford! Here are some of the gorgeous cakes that particularly caught my eye:


There were some fabulous novelty cakes there too (yes for Harry Potter, there were quite a few Potter themed cakes – Buckbeak, Tom’s Riddle’s diary etc…):


Cakes that looked like shoes!:


I spent all day on Friday trying to perfect my hamburgers, I actually ended up baking around 30 vanilla cupcakes and 16 chocolate ones, just to get them to all look identical as well.


So proud of my little burgers sitting next to the other entries! These are the cakes that beat me however: 


I personally think I was robbed to be honest! It’s just a swirl of buttercream with an arrow through it! Ah well, I had a fantastic time and cannot wait to do it all again. I think I may enter again next year, this experience was just amazing!

A picture of me and John Whaite, winner of the Great British Bake Off 2012, fingers crossed I’ll be in his shoes one day!


Signing off this post with a picture of the awesome Mary Berry.


Gutted I didn’t get a picture of me with her but I got to meet her and she signed my book, the book that started all this baking madness!

photo (3)


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